Meet Kerri

Certified Trichologist / Master Hairstylist Educator and Business Mentor

Kerri Jarrett is a multifaceted professional with a diverse skill set that spans hairstyling, trichology, epigenetics, and marketing. As a Journeymen level hairstylist and certified Trichologist, Kerri deeply understands hair care and scalp health, allowing her to provide expert guidance and solutions to individuals seeking to transform their hair.

With a strong educational background in Trichology, Kerri has gone beyond the basics of hairstyling to explore the intricate science behind healthy hair. Her in-depth knowledge of hair biology, growth cycles, and scalp conditions empowers her to diagnose and address a wide range of hair concerns. As a certified Trichologist, Kerri offers her clients personalized recommendations and effective treatment plans.

Kerri’s expertise extends beyond trichology, as she has also delved into the field of epigenetics. Epigenetics explores how external factors and lifestyle choices can influence gene expression. By combining her knowledge of Trichology and Epigenetics, Kerri takes a holistic approach to hair care, understanding that factors such as nutrition, stress, and overall wellness can significantly impact hair health. She educates her clients on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and making informed choices to promote optimal hair growth and vitality.

Furthermore, Kerri’s education in marketing (specialization: webmaster) has equipped her with the skills to not only excel in her profession but also serve as a mentor to others in the business. Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in her industry, she offers guidance and support to fellow professionals, helping them navigate the challenges of running a successful business. Kerri’s passion for mentorship and extensive knowledge and expertise have positioned her as a respected figure in the industry.

Kerri Jarrett’s journey as a journeymen-level hairstylist, certified Trichologist, marketing professional, and mentor showcases her multifaceted talent and commitment to the hair care industry. Her ability to seamlessly blend technical expertise with marketing acumen sets her apart, making her a valuable resource for both clients seeking hair care solutions and professionals striving for success. Kerri continues to make a significant impact by guiding individuals toward healthier hair, empowering aspiring stylists, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with the broader community.

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Early on

Having grown up in the salon industry, I knew from a very early stage I wanted to be change maker. Hair is my passion, styling, sculpting, hair & scalp health (Advanced Trichology); I have a wealth of knowledge when giving hair advice. Hair is a statement, it holds knowledge, and hair should reflect your true you. I have also been creating art and jewellery as my mindful practise and have been selling my work since a very young age.


I been a web-master contractor, coach and mentor for the hair industry, and now it is time I embark on my own dream project. I do have a hair clinic I work out of a couple days a week and rent a salon chair another day or two. I also own an accidental jewellery business, and have since taught many others what I know and how to create their own desired lifestyle. This has been a dream project of mine for many years. I also am a firm believer in working SMARTER not harder – systems are your friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰ To be mentored by me please visit