Meet Kerri

Certified Trichologist and Master Level Stylist Educator  

I am have been in the hair industry pretty much most my life, and have worn literally every hat in the industry. I have found there is a huge gap in all areas hair related, and having a strong background in business and coaching. I have a BIG goal, and have dreamt for many years to create a one stop-hub (a bridge per-say to connect everyone) for all hair related topics for the consumer, and for the professional. It is time we come together as a collective community in the area of hair (hair loss, growth, maintenance and more). I have a background in web-design and marketing, a Red Seal in Hairdressing, been an educator for many years, and hold a few designations in Trichology.

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Early on

Having grown up in the salon industry, I knew from a very early stage I wanted to be change maker. Hair is my passion, styling, sculpting, hair & scalp health (Advanced Trichology); I have a wealth of knowledge when giving hair advice. Hair is a statement, it holds knowledge, and hair should reflect your true you. I have also been creating art and jewellery as my mindful practise and have been selling my work since a very young age.


I been a web-master contractor, coach and mentor for the hair industry, and now it is time I embark on my own dream project. I do have a hair clinic I work out of a couple days a week and rent a salon chair another day or two. I also own an accidental jewellery business, and have since taught many others what I know and how to create their own desired lifestyle. This has been a dream project of mine for many years. I also am a firm believer in working SMARTER not harder – systems are your friend. 😉 To be mentored by me please visit