Meet Sergio

Certified Trichologist and Biologist

Sergio Cardona is a certified trichologist since 1998, has a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and he is a second-generation trichologist. His father was a barbering icon in Puerto Rico, who in the late 1950s became a certified trichologist, making him the first trichologist in the Caribbean. Sergio Cardona is also a passionate teacher, international public speaker, and advocate of the trichology profession. Currently, he is an Advisory Board Member, Trichology Professor, and Director of Communications for the World Trichology Society. He hosts three weekly classes on Facebook every Monday for the World Trichology Society Connect group, World Trichology Society (open) group, and the “Sociedad Tricológica Hispana” group for the Hispanic community. His clinic is one of a kind, he specializes in hair care product customization, which means that for every patient on every consultation he creates or modifies unique formulations. From shampoos to conditioners, leave-in conditioners, stimulating lotions, and everything the patient might need is created right on the spot. Sergio Cardona is also promoting sound trichology through private seminars and one on one coaching where he challenges his students to become the best trichologists they can ever be.

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